40V MOSFET boosts power density in industrial designs

40V MOSFET boosts power density in industrial designs

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By Nick Flaherty

Nexperia has launched a 40V silicon superjunction MOSFET with an on resistance RDS(on) of 0.55 mΩ in a high reliability LFPAK88 package

The PSMNR55-40SSH is aimed at applications and is the lowest RDS(on) 40 V parts that Nexperia has ever produced and delivers power densities more than 50X greater than traditional D2PAK devices. The device also has improved performance in both Avalanche and Linear mode, leading to increased ruggedness and reliability.

“The LFPAK88 MOSFETs combine the latest high performance superjunction silicon technology with our proven LFPAK copper clip technology, which is renowned for delivering significant electrical and thermal performance benefits,” said Neil Massey, Nexperia’s Product Marketing Manager. “The resulting low RDS(on) enables us to pack more silicon in the package, improving power density and shrinking device footprint.”

The device measures 8 x 8 x 1.7 mm and has a safe operating area (SOA) of 35A at 1 ms switching and 20 VDS for the silicon. At 10 ms and 20 VDS where the package dominates, the SOA is 17A.

The device also offer the best single pulse avalanche rating (EAS) at 2.3 J and drive current (ID) rating of 500 A as a measured value rather than a theoretical limit.

The smaller size of the 8 x 8 mm package allows two paralleled old-style MOSFETs to be replaced with one LFPAK88, simplifying manufacturing and increasing reliability. The PSMNR55-40SSH MOSFETs suit battery isolation, current limitation, e-fuse, motor control, synchronous rectification and load switch applications in power tools, appliances, fans, and e-bikes, scooters and wheelchairs.

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