48V, 30kW open rack power shelf for data centres

48V, 30kW open rack power shelf for data centres

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By Nick Flaherty

Advanced Energy has launched a high density, high efficiency 48 V, 30 kW dual-feed Open Rack version 3 (ORv3) power shelf that minimizes the power consumption and improves the reliability of compute and storage applications in hyperscale and enterprise data centres.

The Artesyn 2U shelf incorporates a hot swappable controller and can accommodate up to twelve 48 V, 3 kW open rack rectifiers with power up to 30 kW. These rectifiers include an embedded automatic transfer switch (ATS) capability that switches input to a secondary AC source on detection of primary AC power loss without any interruption to output voltage and an efficiency of 97 percent.

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“Minimizing power consumption and driving down costs are key challenges for data centre operators as they look to meet the increased power demands of the latest high-performance processors,” said Harry Soin, senior director of technical marketing for hyperscale data centres at Advanced Energy. “Evolving rack power from 12 V to 48 V architectures reduces conduction losses by a factor of 16, while open systems compliance ensures interoperability and reduced total system costs. Advanced Energy’s Open Rack power shelf and rectifiers directly address these requirements while adding ATS technology to ensure optimal availability.”

The ORv3 30 kW power shelf is compatible with star, delta and single-phase input configurations and includes a hot-pluggable, DMTF Redfish-compatible Shelf Controller for simple, secure monitoring and control over Ethernet. Its 48 V, 3 kW rectifiers are highline single-phase AC-DC power supplies that convert input voltages of between 200 Vac and 277 Vac into 48 V output. A narrow output voltage band eliminates oversize design and enables a 4:1 ratio DC-DC conversion for downstream 12 V loads.

Both the power shelf and the rectifiers are fully compliant with EN61000-4-5 and EN55035 EMC standards and IEC/UL/EN62368 safety standards.

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