4Gbps LVDT IC aggregates up to 37 different I/Os

4Gbps LVDT IC aggregates up to 37 different I/Os

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The chip enables manufacturers to lower cost, reduce size, and improve reliability by using simplified and smaller 360-degree rotation hinges/slip rings in a wide variety of applications such as laptop computers, surveillance cameras, robotics, printing machines or medical equipment. The THCS251 serializes and aggregates up to 37 lines into a pair of 4Gbps high speed differential signals, it also de-serializes and de-aggregates the differential signals back to the original 37 lines allowing implementations of both the receiver and transmit directions with only 4 lines. The high-speed differential signal path is supported by 8B10B encoding and built-in adaptive equalization, allowing a distance of greater than 15 meters with standard cables.

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