5½-digit DMM allows isolated battery operation

5½-digit DMM allows isolated battery operation

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By Graham Prophet

The battery operation can give more than 35 hours of operation. As well as adding portability to the unit the battery option provides isolation from the mains to aid low level measurement integrity. The USB interface is fully accessible in battery mode, allowing full data logging when used with a laptop pc.


The dual measurement display shows the main and secondary reading simultaneously to provide either two parameters of the same signal (eg AC and DC Volts), two different signals (e.g AC Volts and DC current), the result and calculated function (eg value and % deviation), two different units (eg AC Volts and dBm) or the measurement along with the selected range.


USB is standard on the 1908 model with the P version adding LAN/LXi, GPIB and RS232 interfaces. Both models are supplied with the 1908-PC Link which provides a graphical user interface for remote control. A logging function enables both measurements to be recorded at set times intervals and displayed in both graphical and tabular views. The logged data can be exported to a CSV file.






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