5-channel ECG chip monitors fetal heart rate and mobility

5-channel ECG chip monitors fetal heart rate and mobility

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Heart rate and mobility are two major signs of fetal health. The new chip’s development will help create a wearable ECG system to give an accurate measurement of fetal ECG as early as week 20 of the pregnancy as opposed to today’s wearable devices that are limited to to tracking maternal health parameters, spot-checking or contraction monitoring.

Bloomlife’s BeatleIC chip uses imec’s IC technology and can accurately track a fetus’ wellbeing indicators throughout the second half of pregnancy. Existing chips either consume too much energy to be of any practical use in wearable solutions or are not capable of tracking the right fetal parameters.

The BeatleIC chip features –

• A 5-channel ECG sensor to enable simultaneous recording of all perinatal health related signals

• Low power consumption to enable long-term and continuous use

• High accuracy to enable fetal ECG data acquisition at very low amplitude levels (between 3 and 15µV peak-peak)

BeatleIC development was partially funded by the Flanders Agency for Innovation and Entrepreneurship (VLAIO).

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