5G, cybersecurity are national security priorities, says White House

5G, cybersecurity are national security priorities, says White House

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By Rich Pell

The mention of 5G technology is listed under the “Priority Actions” section of the report within a section titled “Improve American Infrastructure,” which itself is part of the “Pillar II” major section of the report titled “Promote American Prosperity”. It is included as part of an overall plan to improve the country’s airports, seaports and waterways, roads and railways, transit systems, and telecommunications.

“[The United States] will improve America’s digital infrastructure by deploying a secure 5G Internet capability nationwide,” the report says. “[All] these improvements will increase national competitiveness, benefit the environment, and improve our quality of life”.

Also, as part of the “Promote American Prosperity” section, the report touches on cybersecurity: “Improvements in bandwidth, better broadband connectivity, and protection from persistent cyberattacks are needed to support America’s future growth,” the report says. “Economic and personal transactions are dependent upon the “.com world,” and wealth creation depends on a reliable, secure Internet.”

The report further addresses cybersecurity in a section titled “Keep America Safe in the Cyber Era.” Part of “Pillar I” – “Protect the American People, the Homeland, and the American Way of Life” – it discusses the Internet, and building a “strong, defensible cyber infrastructure” to help foster economic growth, protect citizens’ liberties, and advance the country’s national security.

“The daily lives of most Americans rely on computer-driven and interconnected technologies,” the report notes. “As our reliance on computers and connectivity increases, we become increasingly vulnerable to cyberattacks. Businesses and individuals must be able to operate securely in cyberspace.”

Priority actions listed in this section include:

  • Identify and prioritize risk
  • Build defensible government networks
  • Deter and disrupt malicious cyber actors
  • Improve information sharing and sensing
  • Deploy layered defenses

For more, see “National Security Strategy of the United States of America.” (PDF)

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