5G fronthaul edge device validated on PTP SyncE accuracy

5G fronthaul edge device validated on PTP SyncE accuracy

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

NEXCOM, a leading supplier of network appliances, offers a validated edge device for 5G fronthaul deployments. FTA 5180 is implemented in a 1U rackmount in a short form factor, powered by Intel Xeon D-1700 processor. It features ten high-bandwidth Ethernet ports, PoE++ functionality, optional support of Wi-Fi 6 and 5G, and can be deployed across diverse use cases, including 5G O-RAN DU and CU. FTA 5180 has undergone 5G fronthaul enablement with a variety of tests that revealed outstanding results. The test results significantly surpassed threshold limits, proving that FTA 5180 is able to bring high throughput and improved network efficiency to existing network infrastructure.

Fronthaul is an important part of 5G O-RAN network infrastructure. O-RAN maintains network timing distribution as the preferred approach within the fronthaul network. To increase network efficiency and fulfil challenging 5G use cases, synchronization in the RAN is essential. Loose synchronization can have a serious negative impact on network KPIs, for example low throughput, poor attach success rate, and poor handover success rate.

FTA 5180 proved its readiness to be deployed as DU and CU at 5G fronthaul by passing PTP clock offset and wire bandwidth performance tests. The 5G downlink performance of FTA 5180 reached 1.51Gb/s which is higher than the threshold value. The IEEE 1588 PTP clock offset requirements to pass the test were less than 100ns between the PTP Hardware Clock server and FTA 5180. The result reveals that the measurement average of FTA 5180 is significantly better — 29.3ns. This means the PTP performance of FTA 5180 is very precise and the system clock is synchronized.


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