5G mmWave connector reaches 25GHz

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By Nick Flaherty

Molex has launched a flex-to-board connector for 5G millimetre wave designs up to 25GHz.

The 5G25 Series micro connector enables manufacturers of RF antenna modules as well as designers of mobile devices to optimize high-speed 5G components on increasingly crowded printed circuit boards.

The Flex-to-Board RF Connector 5G25 series supports high-speed data transmission with a signal pitch of 0.35mm, a mated body height of only 0.6mm, a short body width of 2.5mm and length of 3.6mm. This enables designers of RF antenna modules and mobile devices to combine RF and non-RF signals, which reduces the need for additional connectors while producing additional space and cost savings.

The 5G25 features full Electromagnetic Interference (EMI) shielding for both the RF terminal and full connector by using a centre shield-in contact with receptacle and plug. This allows each row to be isolated to boost overall signal-integrity stability. The fully-shielded design improves far-field gain performance when connecting 5G antennas to the rest of the transceiver.

“Each new generation of RF antenna modules and smartphones brings us closer to realizing the full potential of 5G performance,” said Stephen Drinan, director of core products, micro solutions, Molex. “Our new 5G25 connector is the latest example of how Molex is applying decades of experience in RF and antenna design, high-speed connectivity and volume manufacturing to support 5G’s higher frequencies while raising the bar in signal stability, robust performance and fast assembly.”

A recent The Future of Mobile Devices global survey by Moelx showed 82 percent of those polled believe consumers will see substantial benefits from 5G in their smartphones within five years or sooner. Survey respondents ranked ultra-fast mmWave 5G the leading technology to drive disruption in smart, consumer mobile device manufacturing.

The 5G25 series was developed by a global team of RF, antenna and high-speed communication designers based in the U.S. and Japan collaborated with a global RF antenna module manufacturer on concept development, advanced simulation and testing, along with rapid design iterations. The use of Molex’s inhouse 5G testing chamber helped the team achieve optimal signal integrity performance to finalize the design concept in two weeks.

Molex has already supplied the connector to a smartphone manufacturer, ramping volume manufacturing to produce five million connectors per month.

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