5G uCPE for multi-access edge computing deployments

5G uCPE for multi-access edge computing deployments

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

NEXCOM has introduced the FTA 1170, a new Intel-based uCPE powered by the Intel Atom processor family. FTA 1170 is the centerpiece of the nexCPE™ product line, which addresses all requirements of the 5G core network and covers both wired and wireless broadband applications. This 1U rackmount features an impressive port count of different types and link speeds to provide multiple Ethernet connectivity.

5G private and public networks are gaining popularity, as the number of connected users and devices increases daily. More and more enterprises are willing to migrate from legacy internet access to a 5G private network, for its advanced customization in terms of security and management, higher speeds, and lower latency. With relative simplicity of deployment, expanded functionality, and flexibility, it is easier to choose a new appliance rather than trying to retune outdated equipment.

The FTA 1170 uses the Intel Atom processor with built-in MAC and Intel QuickAssist Technology (QAT) for crypto acceleration. This 1U rackmount supports wireless connectivity via a few add-on module options ranging from Wi-Fi 5/6, 4G, and 5G, offering customers the most desired configuration for a wireless route effortlessly. For wired connectivity, there are twenty-four 2.5GbE switch copper ports, four 10GbE copper and fiber ports, and one expansion slot for a LAN module. The FTA 1170 covers versatile use cases and works equally well as uCPE, switch-server or multi-access edge compute (MEC) server.

Switch-servers offer expanded packet processing capabilities that can be used in data centers, at the network edge, in branch offices, or for edge network applications such as those needed for 5G networks. These platforms are relatively new and are enabled by new processors such as the Intel Atom® P5300.

One of the applications for the FTA 1170 is private 5G because it offers ample of 10GbE and 2.5GbE connectivity combined with the compute performance of the Intel Atom® P5300 CPU family. This combination makes the switch server the perfect aggregation point for a 5G network – collecting data from multiple base stations and also processing that data by the CPU which can also run applications including DU or 5G core services.


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