5kV solatation in power controllers reduces design complexity

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By Nick Flaherty

The ADP1071-1 and ADP1071-2 are isolated synchronous flyback controllers and the ADP1074 is an isolated synchronous active clamp forward controller.

By integrating multiple functions such as overvoltage protection (OVP), output tracking, and light load mode for greater energy efficiency and SR Drivers, which ordinarily need several discrete components, board space is reduced by as much as 35% and system reliability greatly improved when compared to traditional approaches using optocouplers. The new PWM controllers are designed for isolated DC-DC power supplies for use in universal input off-line, industrial, or telecom power supplies. Another important feature includes secondary side communication using PGOOD to eliminate the typical isolation barrier constraints while reducing external component count.

The new devices offer a combination of a primary and secondary side controller with iCoupler isolation technology in a single easy-to-use package with true secondary side sensing providing all the benefits of primary and secondary side controllers in one combination. The iCoupler technology also provides high bandwidth for a 5x improvement in transient response and 20% reduction in output capacitance.

The ADP1071-1 and ADP1071-2 PWM current mode fixed frequency synchronous flyback controllers are designed for isolated DC-DC power supplies. ADI’s proprietary iCoupler technology is integrated in the PWM controllers, replacing the bulky signal transformers and optocouplers while reducing system design complexity, cost component count, and improving overall system reliability. With the integrated isolation and drivers on both the primary and secondary side, the PWM controllers offer a compact system level design that yields higher efficiency than a diode rectified flyback converter at heavy loads. The ADP1071-1 accommodates high voltage applications (≥60V) and the ADP1071-2 accommodates low voltage applications (≤ 60V). The ADP1071-1 and ADP1071-2 are aimed at applications such as small cell, PoE powered devices, and enterprise switches/routers used in telecom and industrial applications.

The ADP1074 is a current mode fixed frequency active-clamp synchronous forward controller also designed for isolated DC-DC power supplies. With the integrated isolators and MOSFET drivers on both the primary and secondary side, the ADP1074 offers a compact system-level design and yields a higher efficiency than a non-synchronous forward converter at heavy loads. This device reduces system design complexity, cost, and component count while improving overall system reliability. The ADP1074 is aimed at isolated DC-DC power conversion in many applications including intermediate bus voltage generation, base station and antenna RF power, small cell, PoE powered devices, enterprise switches/routers, core/edge/metro/optical routing, and power modules used in telecom and industrial equipment.

The ADP1074 is packaged in a 24-lead wide body SOIC and will ship in July while the ADP1071-1 and -2 are packaged in 16-lead wide body SOICs and ship in October 2017.

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