6-W and 8-W COB LED packages focus on indoor lighting

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The new packages join five others in Samsung’s LC series (LC013B, LC019B, LC026B, LC033B and LC040B), to complete the company’s COB package line-up.

A chip-on-board LED package provides a single light source that combines multiple LED chips to achieve higher light intensity and uniformity, while simplifying luminaire design.

The LC006B and LC008B offer high-efficacy levels of 140 lm/W and 142 lm/W at 5000K CCT, respectively. The new packages will support a wide range of CCT (Correlated Color Temperature) specifications from 2700K to 5000K with a CRI (Color Rendering Index) over 80. The devices also feature a compact package size with an 8 mm LES (Light Emitting Surface) and a package structure that can be easily connected with holders or screw mounts for greater installation convenience.

Samsung’s LC series deliver high luminance from a small LES, as well as low heat resistance and light efficacy. The LC packages also feature high color uniformity with 3-step MacAdam ellipses and consistently superior light quality.

Samsung COB LED lighting solutions now can be used in a wider range of applications, including downlight for home lighting, flood light for industrial lighting, and spotlight and downlight for commercial lighting.


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