600V Super Junction MOSFETs with fast Reverse Recovery Time

600V Super Junction MOSFETs with fast Reverse Recovery Time

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By Nick Flaherty

Rohm has added seven devices to its PrestoMOS lineup of 600V Super Junction MOSFETs reducing the on resistance with fast reverse recovery time (trr).

The R60xxVNx series is optimized for power circuits in industrial equipment requiring high power, such as servers, EV charging, and base stations, as well as motor drives in white goods that are increasingly using inverters to meet the trend towards greater energy savings.

The R60xxVNx reduces the on resistance by 20% to 22mO with a rrt of 167ns in a TO-247 package. The MOSFETs inherit the reverse recovery time of 105ns already provided by existing PrestoMO devices, making it possible to reduce switching loss by approximately 17% compared to other solutions.

In recent years, as power consumption has increased worldwide along with the need for a more effective use of power, industrial equipment such as servers, EV/base stations, air conditioners, and other home appliances have become more energy efficient, demanding power semiconductors to further reduce power loss.

These devices are available through online distributors Digi-KeyMouser, and Farnell.

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