600V superjunction MOSFET adds Zener diode

600V superjunction MOSFET adds Zener diode

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By Nick Flaherty

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Magnachip Semiconductor has launched its 6th-generation 600V Super Junction Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor (SJ MOSFET) enhanced with microfabrication technology and an additional Zener diode for protection.

The MMD60R175S6ZRH 600V SJ MOSFET was built on the 180nm microfabrication process using a process that narrows the cell-pitches by 50% and lowers the RDS(on) on resistance by 42%.

This allows the 600V MOSFET to fit into a Decawatt Package (DPAK) while offering the low RDS(on) of 175mΩ and higher power density for requirements of servers and OLED TVs.

The process also lowers the total gate charge by 29% compared to the previous generation, resulting in reduced switching loss and enhanced power efficiency, giving product designers flexibility with regards to various applications.

The Zener diode is embedded between the gate and the source to strengthen the ruggedness and reliability of the MOSFET in an application and prevent it from sustaining damage caused by external surges or electrostatic discharges.

“Following the launch of this MOSFET, Magnachip plans to unveil additional 6th-generation SJ MOSFETs, including those with a fast recovery body diode, in 2024,” said YJ Kim, CEO of Magnachip. “Aligned with customer demand, our technical innovation will further strengthen our industry presence and global market penetration.”



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