60W open frame AC-DC converter with 90 percent efficiency

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By Nick Flaherty

Recom in Austria has launched a low profile 60W open frame AC-DC converter series for a wide of applications including industrial, mendical, computer and consumer designs.

The RACM60-K open frame AC-DC converter series has a 90 percent efficiency across its load range, enabling full-power operation from -40°C to +55°C without forced cooling, and up to +85°C with derating or forced air. Input range is universal 80-264VAC and outputs available are 5V, 12V, 15V, 24V, 36V and 48V. The footprint is 51 x 76mm (2 x 3in).

The Recom open frame AC-DC converter parts are suitable for a wide range of applications with EN 62368-1, IEC 61558-1/-2-16 and IEC/EN 60335-1 certifications for ITE/audio-visual, industrial and household use respectively up to 5000m operating altitude. Medical safety and EMC certifications meet ANSI/AAMI/IEC/CSA 60601-1 for 2x MOPP with an isolation of4kVAC/1 minute suitable for B and BF applications up to 4000m operating altitude. Class B EMC standards are also met in installation class II or class I PELV with grounded output.

The RACM60-K series features full protection against short-circuits, output over-voltage, over-current and over-temperature and has line and neutral fusing for medical applications. No-load input current is only 100mW typical at 230VAC

Various mounting options are available: Molex connectors for wired installation, wave-solder pins for direct PCB mount with built-in stand-offs and there is a a 2” x 4” footprint for legacy design compatibility. A cover is available for the 2” x 4” option.

“The high efficiency of these products, right down to 10% load, is a major advantage when the application is space-constrained and only convection cooling is available,” said Steve Roberts Innovations Manager at Recom.

Samples and OEM pricing are available from all authorized distributors or directly from Recom at

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