64 position 1mm pitch mezzanine connectors

64 position 1mm pitch mezzanine connectors

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Mill-Max introduces 64 position, 1 mm pitch mezzanine connectors for parallel board stacking interconnections. The connectors meet EIA-700 AAAB specifications for IEEE 1386 applications. The 891-10-064-30-120000 male and 893-43-064-30-420000 female are surface mount connectors that have a mated height of 10 mm. The 1 mm pitch provides high density packaging crucial for saving board real estate. Locating posts are incorporated into the housing to promote accurate placement on the PCB.
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The connectors are RoHS compliant and suitable for “lead free” reflow soldering processes. Packaging is tape & reel, per EIA-783 (56 mm wide; 16 mm pitch). Both the 891 & 893 connectors feature 30 micron gold plated contacts, providing optimum conductivity and effective wear resistance, and tin plated solder terminals for ease of soldering. The insulator housings are made of high temperature glass filled LCP, rated UL 94 V-0.

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