650V & 1250V IGBTs trim losses in 8th-gen fabrication

650V & 1250V IGBTs trim losses in 8th-gen fabrication

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By Graham Prophet

The transistors are rated at 650V/40A, 50A, and 75A, and at 1,250V/25A, 40A, and 75A. Renesas says it has the first TO-247 plus package for a 1,250V IGBT with built-in diode, which offers system manufacturers greater circuit configuration flexibility.


Renesas Electronics builds the 8th-generation IGBTs in a trench gate configuration: compared to previous IGBT generations, these devices provide faster switching performance, while also reducing conduction loss by lowering the saturation voltage. The performance index (switching loss × Vce (sat)) for the 8th-generation devices has been improved by up to 30% compared to previous 7th-generation IGBTs, contributing to lower power loss and better overall performance for user systems.


External gate resistors are eliminated thanks to low switching noise: in IGBTs, there has been a tradeoff between noise characteristics and switching speed. The 8th-generation IGBTs generate substantially less gate noise during switching, enabling system manufacturers to eliminate the gate resistors previously needed to reduce noise.


The TO-247 package offers good heat dissipation; operation is guaranteed at high temperatures up to 175°C. The range includes, Renesas believes, the first discrete 1,250V IGBT with built-in diode in a TO-247 plus discrete-package version available for 75A current band rated at 100C. Previously, devices in the 75A current band were generally incorporated into modules employing large packages due to considerations such as heat, noise, and operating quality.





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