650V IGBTs for soft switching

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By Nick Flaherty

This makes them suited to power conversion in general-purpose inverters and converters for consumer appliances, such as air conditioning and induction heaters, as well as industrial equipment, including power conditioners, welding machines, and Uninterrupted Power Supplies There are 21 devices in the RGTV series, which features short-circuit tolerance, and the RGW series that supports fast switching speeds.

In recent years, the emergence of IoT has caused an exponential growth in the volume of data generated, bringing about a need to improve the functionality and capacity of data centres. However, as the number of servers and UPS essential to ensuring stable operation of the main power supply continues to rise, it becomes increasingly difficult to reduce power consumption. In addition, in high-power applications that use IGBTs there is a need to maintain reliability by simplifying measures against overshoot during switching, which can lead to device failure or malfunction.

ROHM is using thin wafer technology and a proprietary structure to optimise the trade-off between conduction loss and switching speed. For example, when used in an interleaved PFC circuit, efficiency is improved by 1.2% at light loads and 0.3% under heavy loads, contributing to lower application power consumption. Optimising the internal design allowed smoother switching characteristics that decrease voltage overshoot by 50% compared to products with equivalent efficiency, reducing the number of parts required along with design load.

The technology reduces wafer thickness by 15% over conventional products and the cell design provides the lowest conduction loss (at VCE(sat)=1.5V) with fast switching characteristics (tf=30 to 40ns). The soft switching for smooth ON/OFF operation decreases voltage overshoot during switching by as much as 50% over conventional products, reducing the number of external parts required, such as gate resistors and snubber circuits used to control overshoot. As a result, the IGBTs eliminate the need for overshoot countermeasures on the application side, minimizing design load.

The RGTV series features a short-circuit resistance of 2μs and the fast-switching RGW series (above) provides support for a broad range of applications.

Samples and OEM Quantities are available now.


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