65x21x11mm set-top box reference board offers cloud compatibility

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Renesas has developed an STB SoC product that combines high-performance and high integration, mounted on an ultra-compact STB reference board as an STB solution that will complement and help accelerate the trend toward cloud-based media consumption on multiple connected devices in multiple locations. The new reference board supports Full-HD quality 1920×1080/30 progressive (1080/30p) content. It also provides several features that allow the reference board to achieve an 88-percent reduction in size, a 170-percent boost in performance, and a 25-percent decrease in power consumption in comparison with Renesas’ existing reference boards.

Measuring only 65x21x21mm, the reference board offers portability and flexibility. Users can move it around the house and use it with multiple devices, simply connecting it to a TV or other HDMI or MHL compatible screen device to enjoy content distributed via the Internet or by a service provider, content recorded from broadcasts, or home videos. The reference board also supports Wi-Fi, making it easy for users to connect devices such as tablets that have wireless networking capabilities.

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