690/600 Vac dv/dt filters boost variable drive reliability

690/600 Vac dv/dt filters boost variable drive reliability

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By Nick Flaherty

The FN 5060 filters are designed using Schaffner’s patented concept which enables dv/dt filter damping performance without using resistors or capacitors. This simplifies the installation, saves mounting space and provides a reliable long lifetime.

Motor drive output filters protect motor windings against excessive voltage peaks and inadmissible voltage pulse rise times generated by the inverter PWM output voltage. dv/dt filters are required to fulfil the IEC 60034-17/-25 standards defining the limits for IEC-and NEMA AC-motors and prolonging their lifetimes.

The new filters are designed to offer minimum power loss, low voltage drop and thus help to maximize the system efficiency, giving new and existing motors and installations longer life time and a continuous long lasting operation.

Several industries can benefit from the use of the new 690/600 VAC dv/dt filter, including chemical, cement, metal, oil and gas and, mining as well as applications in buildings and infrastructure environments (pumps, fans, HVAC) and other industries.

Dv/dt filters are not only for use in areas where pumps and fans are controlled by drives with short motor cables, but are also recommended to be used for applications with frequent braking, danger of flash-over voltage and motors running at high temperatureThe standard 690/600 VAC filter series are available with current ratings from 16 A to 1,200 A. Higher or other ratings can be engineered and delivered on demand.

All models are CE, UL, CSA and ENEC approved and RoHS compliant.

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