6mm slim relay socket with screwless treatment for speed and safety

6mm slim relay socket with screwless treatment for speed and safety

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 Standard sockets’ use of normal screw technology is a time consuming process, having to ensure that all terminals are tightened securely and correctly to the specified level. Too little pressure and wires can vibrate out, too much and copper conductors can be crushed and severed. The use of the screwless socket removes this process, speeding up panel assembly times, therefore reducing man-hours and increasing productivity.

A second purpose or benefit is for use in areas of high vibration. Traditional screw technology is susceptible to vibration, causing the screw to work loose, resulting in panel or product failure, leading to costly repair bills and call out charges. But with this screwless socket version, the cable is clamped by metal springs arms that are under a constant tension, ensuring a safe and reliable connection that is much less susceptible to vibration.

Hongfa’s HF41F follows the trend for ultra slim relays, and when fitted to a panel offers users a very high level of flexibility due to its compact size, contact rating and highly sensitive coil. For longevity and reliability, the relay contacts are SPDT 6A rated silver nickel oxide and have a maximum switching voltage of 400VAC.

The relay is also available with gold plated contacts for specialised switching applications. The fully featured, ultra slim (6mm) relay has a built-in green LED that indicates supply status, making the module quick and easy to commission and test. Supplied with a robust plastic retaining clip, the relay can be instantly removed from the module for quick substitution or isolation.

Offering versatility, seven operating coil voltages are available; 6, 9, 12, 24, 48-60, 110-125, and 220-240, all being AC/DC compatible.  Able to operate safely in a very wide range of ambient temperatures (export opportunities), all devices offer an operating temperature range of -40 to +70 degrees C.

For multiple installations, a 2 to 20-way jumper link is available, allowing all ‘common’ terminals to be safely connected together.  As well as being much neater, the jumper link also eliminates the need to cut, strip and terminate short lengths of cable, greatly reducing installation times.

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