77x69x32mm integrated vehicle tracking device accurate to 2.5m

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The IP67 protected unit measures 77x69x32mm and draws only 25mA at 13.8 VDC (during typical operation), requiring only 50uA in sleep mode for the battery-fitted version. The AT210 features the latest SiRFStar IV GPS and Telit GE865 GSM/GPRS modems, an internal back-up battery offering 5 hrs of continuous operation or 4 days in hourly update mode. The module also integrates a 3-axis MEMS based accelerometer for driver behaviour reporting and motion detection, 2 opto-coupled digital inputs, a digital output MOSFET switch and an ADC input. The iButton (Dallas Key) input enables driver authentication. The tracking unit provides detailed driver behaviour data such as acceleration, deceleration, cornering , idling or overspeed. The AT210 supports auto-sensing of the engine status (stopped/running) from power feed (2 wire install) and simple and flexible user configuration by ASCII terminal, SMS or GPRS, with over the air firmware update. Position accuracy is under 2.5m with a GPS receiver sensitivity of -163dBm (tracking).

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