7mm ultrathin SATA III solid state memory supports a read/write speed of 550/500 MB/s

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While SSD has become a standard specification for enthusiast PC gamers owing to its features including high-speed read/write performance and high shock resistance that can break through the performance bottleneck of PC systems, the introduction of SATA III 6Gb SSDs further highlights the advantage of SSD’s read/write performance.

For users of enthusiast notebook models such as ThinkPad X220/T420s/E420s, an upgrade in SSD will not only improve substantially boot speed and read/write performance, but also increase battery life and shock-resistant capability. Many next-generation sleek notebooks are built to fix with 7mm HHDs or SSDs, but most of SSDs currently available in the market have a standard thickness of 9.5mm, making a number of Ultrabooks unable to access high-speed storage performance through a direct upgrade to SSD.

The roll-out of 7mm FTM Plus Slim SATA III SSDs enable direct performance upgrading for next-generation notebooks, delivering a read/write speed of up to 550/500 MB/s. It also allows users to fix the FTM Plus Slim SSDs directly on notebook models having a 7mm SSD slot without the need of an upgrade, while maintaining the durability of the products.

The FTM Plus Slim SSD, which is comparable to Memoright’s FTM Plus lineup, comes with exclusively-designed built-in voltage-stabilizing protection circuits. By employing built-in OVP (over-voltage protection) and OCP (over current protection) ICs and ESD (electrostatic discharge) protection chips, the FTM Plus SSD is able to shut down power to protect its data when facing irregular voltage and current.

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