8.85x2mm miniature slide switch with auto-return slider

8.85x2mm miniature slide switch with auto-return slider

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Knitter-switch launched a micro-miniature slide switch designed to operate as an on-off switch for personal multi-media products, musical instruments and other applications where a very small, space saving switch is required. Switches in the new MMP/MMS 1263 series are 1 pole, two position units with a side or top actuated slider with a latching or rest position on the right or left of the switch. knitter-switch can supply the switch with a return force of either 1 or 3.5N.
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MMP/MMS 1263 switches measure just 8.85mm long and 2mm wide and versions are available for through hole or surface mounting. The switches are rated for operating in a temperature range of -40 to + 85ºC, with an operational lifetime of more than 10,000 actuations.

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