8 channel 500MHz PC oscilloscope has resolution up to 12 bits

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By Nick Flaherty

The products work with PicoScope 6 application software, which takes full advantage of the latest PC performance and display capabilities, showing clean, crisp waveforms on screens of any size and resolution. The top-of-the range PicoScope 6824E has dual 5 GS/s analogue to digital converters and 4 gigasamples of capture memory as standard. It offers a rich set of built-in tools for embedded systems debug, including DeepMeasure that captures the measurement results of each one in up to a million cycles.

The FlexRes architecture allows the hardware to be configured by the user to optimize either the sampling rate, to 5 GS/s at 8-bit resolution, or up to 12-bit resolution with 1.25 GS/s sampling. For diverse applications such as capturing and decoding fast digital signals, or looking for distortion in sensitive analog signals, flexible resolution allows both measurements to be made with the same oscilloscope.

The advantage of deep capture memory is the ability to capture long-duration events while maintaining a high sample rate, which means that the oscilloscope can make the best use of its bandwidth. The PicoScope 6824E, with standard 4 GS memory, can capture a 200-millisecond signal at a sampling rate of 5 GS/s, so 200 picoseconds resolution (a ratio of 1:1,000,000,000). Deep captures can be explored with the included waveform buffer navigator and zoomed in by up to a million times using the zoom/pan controls.

PicoScope 6 includes decoders for 21 serial protocols as well as parallel bus decoding of the digital channels. The most recent additions to the list of supported protocols are BroadR-Reach (100BASE-T1) Automotive Ethernet, Manchester and DALI. More protocols are in development and will be deployed as free-of-charge updates in the future.
The company is also introducing the Pico probe holder system with novel flexible “gooseneck” holders designed to work perfectly with Pico 2.5 mm passive probes with spring tips for all PicoScope 6000 Series scopes.

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