900 V GaN flyback switcher ICs for automotive/industrial use

900 V GaN flyback switcher ICs for automotive/industrial use

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By Jean-Pierre Joosting

Power Integrations has announced a 900-V gallium-nitride (GaN) extension to the its InnoSwitch3™ family of flyback switcher ICs. The new ICs, which feature proprietary PowiGaN™ technology, deliver up to 100 W with better than 93 percent efficiency, eliminating the need for heat sinks and streamlining design of space-challenged applications. InnoSwitch3 designs also offer exceptional light-load efficiency making them ideal for providing auxiliary power in electric vehicles during low-power sleep modes. The AEC-Q100-qualified InnoSwitch3-AQ family is particularly suitable for EVs based on 400-V bus systems where the 900-V PowiGaN switch provides more power and increased design margin ― required for 12-V battery-replacement systems ― with enhanced efficiency over silicon-based converters.

“The dominant bus voltage for electric vehicles is 400 V,” stated Peter Vaughan, automotive business development director at Power Integrations. “EV manufacturers are optimizing their new generation of 400-V systems and re-engineering various power stages in the vehicle, such as the on-board charger. The 900-V PowiGaN switch is extremely beneficial because it easily accommodates inductive noise spikes, yet it can operate from as low as 30 VDC, enabling systems to meet functional safety active discharge requirements. The extra power delivered by our GaN technology matches the increasing power demands of EV manufacturers, moreover, efficiency in power conversion, even in auxiliary systems, is important for both range extension and thermal management.”

In the industrial space, extra power and increased efficiency are extremely advantageous in applications such as appliances, three-phase motors and auxiliary power supply units (PSUs) in servers. The new 900-V parts are pin-for-pin compatible with existing 725-V and 750-V InnoSwitch3-EP parts and offer increased safety margin which is ideal for countries with unstable line voltages.

“Our ability to deliver GaN parts rated at up to 900 V demonstrates the reliability and ruggedness of our PowiGaN technology,” stated Silvestro Fimiani, senior product marketing manager at Power Integrations.

The new 900-V InnoSwitch3-EP and InnoSwitch3-AQ off-line CV/CC flyback switcher ICs employ synchronous rectification, a valley switching discontinuous conduction mode (DCM) and continuous conduction mode (CCM) flyback controller. FluxLink™ communication technology enables the IC package to bridge the isolation barrier, optimizing efficiency and eliminating the need for optocouplers. PowiGaN technology enables InnoSwitch3-EP switcher ICs to deliver up to 100 W (230 V alternating current [VAC] plus or minus 15 percent) without heat sinks. InnoSwitch3-EP devices incorporate multiple protection features including line over- and under-voltage protection, output over-voltage and over-current limiting, and over-temperature shutdown. Devices are available with standard and peak power delivery options.

Automotive InnoSwitch3-AQ devices can also deliver 100 W from a 400-V bus and provide performance and protection features similar to those of the popular 1700-V silicon-carbide InnoSwitch3-AQ ICs currently used in 800-V EV systems.

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