900V and 1200V SiC MOSFETs for solar and automotive designs

900V and 1200V SiC MOSFETs for solar and automotive designs

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By Nick Flaherty

ON Semiconductor has launched two families of silicon carbide SiC MOSFETs for applications such as solar power inverters and on-board charging for electric vehicles (EV), as well as EV charging stations. The 1200V and 900V devices are also aimed at uninterruptible power supplies (UPS) and server power supplies

The 1200 volt (V) and 900 V N-channel SiC MOSFETs include a fast intrinsic diode with low reverse recovery charge that reduces power losses and boosts operating frequencies.  A small chip size also leads to a lower device capacitance and reduced gate charge (Qg) down to 220 nC) and on resistance of 20, 40 and 80mΩ, reducing switching losses when operating at high frequencies.

This improves efficiency and reduces EMI when compared with silicon MOSFETs and allows the use of fewer, smaller passive components. 

The SiC MOSFETs offer higher surge ratings, improved avalanche capability and improved short circuit robustness when compared to Si devices, delivering the higher reliability and longer lifetimes that are essential in demanding modern power applications. A lower forward voltage provides threshold-free on-state characteristics that reduce the static losses that occur when the device is conducting.

The 1200 V devices are rated at up to 103 A (ID Max.), while 900 V devices carry ratings as high as 118 A. For applications requiring higher currents, the ON Semiconductor MOSFETs can be easily operated in parallel, due to their positive temperature coefficient and  temperature independence.

“ON Semiconductor’s WBG SiC MOSFETs extend performance beyond what was possible with silicon devices, delivering lower losses, higher operating temperatures, faster switching, improved EMI and better reliability,” said Gary Straker, Vice President/General Manger, Power MOSFET Division, Power Solutions Group, ON Semiconductor. “Further supporting the engineering community, ON Semiconductor provides a wide range of resources and tools that simplify and speed up the design process.”

All of ON Semiconductor’s SiC MOSFETs are Pb-free and Halide free, and the devices intended for automotive applications are AEC-Q100 qualified and PPAP capable. All devices are offered in industry standard TO-247 or D2PAK packages.

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