A wireless charger under your skin

A wireless charger under your skin

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By Wisse Hettinga

Chinese scientists create wireless charger that can stay safely in human body

From the report:

Chinese scientists have created a biodegradable, wireless energy receiving and storage device that can power bioelectronic implants – such as fully biodegradable drug delivery systems.

Implantable bioelectronic systems, such as monitoring sensors and drug delivery implants, are minimally invasive, reliable ways to precisely monitor and treat patients.

However, according to a paper published on Thursday in the journal Science Advances led by researchers from Lanzhou University, the development of power modules to run these devices has lagged behind the creation of biocompatible and biodegradable sensors and circuit units.

Though there are biodegradable power supply units, they often can only be used once and have insufficient power generation for biomedical applications, according to the paper.
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