A4WP and PMA combine  for create AirFuel Alliance

A4WP and PMA combine for create AirFuel Alliance

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The AirFuel Alliance are seeking to apply a unified vision to strengthen a commitment to improve user experience through the development of advanced wireless charging standards.

Following the A4WP and PMA merger announcement earlier in 2015, the new consortium continues to accelerate the impact of wireless power transfer technology through inductive, resonant, and future standards to benefit consumers, mobile network operators, consumer-facing commercial and retail brands, and the consumer electronics industry, including its semiconductor and manufacturing partners. With 195 leading member companies, and growing, the AirFuel Alliance brand will soon impact the future growth and acknowledgment of wireless charging.

“AirFuel technology is the next step in fast-tracking the commercialization of wirelessly charged products,” said Ron Resnick, President of AirFuel Alliance. “We embrace a new, inclusive ideal of wireless charging and those member companies within AirFuel Alliance are energized towards bringing wireless power products to consumers globally.”

After a suitable grace period, the brands associated with the former A4WP and PMA identities will be retired. From that point, certified products will carry the AirFuel name and logo, which will become synonymous with fast, convenient, and readily available wireless charging. The new brand allows for a clear, concise idea of what AirFuel Alliance envisions wireless charging to achieve – a better user experience through the development of shared wireless charging standards available on a global scale wherever consumers may go.

“The introduction of AirFuel is a clear step in the right direction for true wireless charging. AirFuel Alliance is committed to bringing to life technology that uses AirFuel while continuing to be open to further industry consolidation,” continued Resnick.

As inductive and resonant technologies advance, AirFuel Alliance continues to support the use of multimode systems – ones that operate with both versions of the standard. The alliance is also developing technologies that go beyond the use of magnetics via the uncoupled working group.

AirFuel Alliance, operating as a unified organization since July 2015, has fully integrated its teams and committees. In October, the alliance hosted the world’s first joint inductive and resonant plugfest, where 14 companies tested over 40 receivers and transmitters to gauge compliance and commercial acceptance.

“AirFuel Alliance aims to unify the global consumer, always on the move with technology that shapes itself around mobility and convenience”, said Mani Parmar, VP Business Development, Duracell Powermat. “Duracell Powermat has supported wireless charging for a number of years. We see firsthand how such a simple, intuitive technology satisfies a wide range of needs for our customers. AirFuel is an ideal descriptor for what this organization promises today and in the years to come.”

"Intel has been a strong supporter of wireless charging technologies that deliver on our vision of removing all wires from client devices. Wires are a major consumer pain point." said Sanjay Vora, Vice President of User Experiences, Intel. "We are proud to be a member of the AirFuel Alliance to help align the industry on a common wireless charging standard that will help accelerate adoption and availability of wireless charging enabled products."

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