Ablic looks for European energy harvesting partners

Ablic looks for European energy harvesting partners

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By Nick Flaherty

Ablic in Japan is looking for global partners for its Clean-Boost thermoelectric energy harvesting technology outside Japan.

ABLIC was originally the semiconductor division of Seiko Instruments, became independent and started its operation as SII Semiconductor Corporation in 2016, and then rebranded as Ablic in 2018.

The origins of Clean-Boost Technology trace back to the “Thermic” Thermoelectric watch released by Seiko in 1998 powered by the temperature differential between the wearer’s body and the surrounding air. Ablic evolved this concept by developing integrated circuits (ICs) capable of amplifying minimal electrical output from thermoelectric power. This led to the creation of advanced energy storage and boosting circuits, developed in collaboration with Ritsumeikan University.

The technology has been used for a battery-free water leak sensor. This can detect even the smallest drop of water leakage, which helps minimize damage through early detection. Additionally, the device can be powered and transmit warnings wirelessly using minimal energy, eliminating the need for an external power sources or complex wiring.

This makes it suitable for retrofitting existing structures without the inconvenience of extensive installation and maintenance and has been used by telecoms firm NTT East to monitor its unmanned communication facilities.

Clean-Boost is also used in other applications beyond leak detection, including moisture-powered sensors and bioelectric soil sensors with research into microbial electricity generation, enzyme-based power generation and bio electrochemical reactions.

These are currently exclusive to the Japanese market. However, Ablic is looking to expand the reach of the technology globally and is actively seeking international partnerships to explore new applications and markets.


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