Absolute in-air pointing solution targets 6-axis motion-enabled TV remotes

Absolute in-air pointing solution targets 6-axis motion-enabled TV remotes

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The new feature supports absolute in-air pointing for 6-axis motion-enabled remotes, removing the need for a magnetometer and eliminating the navigation friction brought about by relative pointing. For example, when browsing the Web or playing games on a Smart TV, users typically become frustrated and even fatigued because their remote control keeps prodding them to center the cursor every time they reach the border of the screen. By locking the movement of the cursor with the movement of the hand at all times, absolute pointing eliminates repetitive re-centering movements, thus providing users with a more natural and user-friendly experience.

The ability to define the arm/wrist and remote position mapping to the screen center gives the end user the choice to define the most comfortable way to interact with TV content. Users no longer need to point at the screen. They can effortlessly navigate whether at an angle, sitting, standing, walking around or lying on the couch without any line of sight constraint.

The solution is sensor agnostic and can be implemented on any 6-axis motion enabled remote and ported as a plug and play upgrade on any SmartMotion enabled remote to deliver enhanced pointing.

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