ABT, Schaeffler jointly electrify light commercial vehicles

ABT, Schaeffler jointly electrify light commercial vehicles

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

The Schaeffler Group, which has been involved in Formula E developments together with ABT since 2014 as part of a technology partnership, will contribute its technological expertise to the partnership and develop and provide technological solutions for all aspects of the electric drive train. In an initial phase, the focus will be on project management from concept to homologation and on system supplier management together with VW and ABT, among others. Schaeffler also has relevant know-how in the areas of purchasing, production and quality assurance, which is to be incorporated into the cooperation.

The cooperation aims at the further development of electric drive trains as well as vehicle integration and assembly with a focus on light commercial and special vehicles. In addition, flexible and mechatronic chassis solutions are to be developed. In the medium term, Schaeffler sees potential for further orders and small and medium-sized series in these market segments.

In Schaeffler’s opinion, the light commercial vehicle segment is the main focus of efforts to reduce emissions in urban areas, especially in inner-city traffic. In addition, manufacturers must meet the regulatory emission limits for this segment separately; it is not possible to offset these against the values for the passenger car fleet. The performance of the electric motors available today can now largely cover typical requirement profiles in inner-city traffic with light commercial vehicles.

This segment also plays an important role in modern mobility concepts. Particularly in the areas of transport, including passenger transport, and logistics, there is also considerable potential for establishing solutions for (fully) autonomous driving.

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