Acal BFi samples standalone GPS receiver measuring 5.6×5.6mm

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Claimed to be the industry’s smallest autonomous GPS receiver, the ORG4475’s 5.6×5.6mm package boasts an integrated TCXO, RTC crystal, LNA and SAW filters. The device offers UART, SPI or I2C host interfaces, whilst achieving ultra-low power consumption of less than 9mW; a fast position fix of under one second and sensitivity of -163dBm, also allowing for an active or passive antenna to be used. The integration of an SiRFstarIV GPS processor and OriginGPS’ proprietary Noise Free Zone technology enables the ORG4475 to operate in challenging GPS environments, such as indoor tracking or when the end-user is on the move. A limited number of ORG4475 samples, in addition to development kits for lead customers, are available to European customers, immediately and exclusively, from Acal BFi.

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