ACAL Energy partners Gordon Murray Design to develop affordable fuel cell vehicle concept

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The study will be led by Gordon Murray Design, and combines ACAL Energy’s novel Flowcath technology that significantly reduces the cost and improves the durability of a fuel cell engine, with Gordon Murray Design’s award winning iStream concept, which allows for fast, low cost production of light weight vehicles. Together, these British innovations could make carbon emission-free fuel cell autos affordable by buyers in both developed and emerging markets.

Andrew Everett, Head of Transport at the Technology Strategy Board, said that the Low Carbon Vehicle Integrated Delivery Programme aims to draw out innovative technologies being developed within the UK that “have the potential to redefine the current automotive industry view”.

Dr SB Cha, CEO of ACAL Energy said of the partnership: “Without carbon emission free vehicles that are affordable in both developed and developing countries, we will not address one of the core drivers of climate change.  By combining a low cost fuel cell engine with a lightweight auto platform and a low cost production process, ACAL Energy and Gordon Murray Design aim to show that carbon emission-free fuel cell autos can be an affordable alternative to petroleum fuelled cars, especially for the millions of new buyers in developing countries that will enter the market over the coming decade.

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