ACAL Technology sample low latency DRAMs from GSI Technology

ACAL Technology sample low latency DRAMs from GSI Technology

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ACAL Technology is sampling GSI Technology's new 576Mbit Low Latency DRAMs (LLDRAM II) for immediate evaluation. The GS4576 family provides second-source, drop-in replacements for existing low latency DRAMs in 16M x 36, 32M x 18 and 64M x 9 organisations in 144-ball μBGA packages.
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The GSI LLDRAM II range offers clock speeds of up to 533 MHz, allowing it to produce data at over 38Gbits per second on a 36 bit wide data bus. All versions are offered in both commercial and industrial temperature ranges. The series also offers configurable read/write latencies and cycle times, as well as configurable burst lengths, in addition to a traditional multiplexed address bus option to provide backward compatibility. ACAL’s Mike Farquharson, European Product Manager comments: “These new DRAM add to the choice of memory technologies available to ACAL customers and also provide OEMs who currently use alternative devices with an excellent second source. This reduces the risks associated with single-sourced parts and provides additional product availability to support significant expansion in the market for high transaction-rate networking memories.”

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