Accurate environment simulations bring cars faster to the road

Accurate environment simulations bring cars faster to the road

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By Christoph Hammerschmidt

Through a partnership with US company B-Design3D, the development tool manufacturer dSpace wants to help customers from the automotive sector to speed up their development processes. The focus is particularly on the development of autonomous vehicles.

B-Design3D offers digital, 3-dimensional models of urban environments; as part of the cooperation, dSpace has integrated a 3D city environment from B-Design3D into the latest release of its sensor-realistic simulation solution Aurelion. This allows high-level visualisations and the latest sensors to be integrated into the processes for developing and validating functions for autonomous driving.

This 3D environment is available with the latest Aurelion release and can be used immediately. It allows users to employ the latest features of Aurelion, including material properties for all sensor types as well as ground truth information such as semantic segmentation and bounding boxes.

The 3D environment created by B-Design3D is designed to faithfully reproduce a typical inner city area in large metropolitan areas. The dSpace partner’s 3D visual database is modular and can be extended by integrating additional city districts. It is implemented to provide the highest level of realism, including all traffic signs and pavement markings on the asphalt, while ensuring maximum rendering performance. The 3D visual database comes with a parallel OpenDrive layer, which contains the logical description of traffic rules and enables traffic simulation and the creation of sophisticated ADAS/AD scenarios.

“The use of high-quality 3D environments is essential for the development of ADAS and AD applications. With the integration of B-Design3D’s high-fidelity 3D content, we complement Aurelion’s high-fidelity sensor simulation with an expanded range of possible driving scenarios around the world,” explains Caius Seiger, Product Manager Sensor Simulation at dSpace.

B-Design3D Ltd. is considered a leading provider of 3D content and terrain databases for simulation systems. The 3D environments are designed to provide a balance between realism and performance; they and support the simulation of various sensors such as lidar, radar and infrared, as well as environmental and seasonal conditions, making them suitable for the most demanding rendering engines.

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