ACE compiler test and validation suite now supports Application Binary Interface integration testing

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Compiler development and testing require the rare combination of rigorous software engineering skills, scientific in-depth knowledge of algorithms and complexity plus a huge amount of experience and craftsmanship. This is why this release of SuperTest has metaphorically been dubbed the Rembrandt Release. In the SuperTest Rembrandt Release, ACE introduces the ABI Tester to test the integration of various software components using the same Application Binary Interface. Using an elaborate generator in the ABI Tester, compiler and system testers can now validate that the interaction of software components through a defined binary interface in systems has been correctly implemented. As the ABI is largely implemented by compilers, this integration testing is a natural extension in the SuperTest product.
The SuperTest Rembrandt Release also validates the C++ Library conformance and implementation with over 500 new elaborate handcrafted tests. SuperTest’s Depth Suite has been extended to support testing the correct implementation of operator precedence rules for arbitrary combinations of language data types, thus stressing a compiler for correct behavior. Furthermore, SuperTest has grown with over 1400 high quality tests for language constraints, library functions and all the test cases that follow from ACE’s own advanced compiler optimization developments. 

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