Acorn to sponsor silicon-on-insulator buried stressor research

Acorn to sponsor silicon-on-insulator buried stressor research

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By Peter Clarke

Acorn is funding a research project led by Professor Jean-Pierre Raskin to assess and quantify the performance potential of the company’s Acorn Buried Stressor (ABS) technology for RF semiconductor manufacturing.

ABS is a proprietary semiconductor strain technology that can boost the operation of RFSOI up to hundreds of gigahertz and could be a boon for 5G and 6G communications. ABS can also be applied to Acorn’s germanium laser technology, which provides a silicon-compatible solution for monolithic photonics-on-a-chip.

“ABS technology can provide a 15 to 25 percent performance boost for RF FDSOI devices by increasing the electron mobility through strain. This is accomplished without performance trade-offs and without adverse effects such as yield-threatening semiconductor layer defects. As RF transistors are now reaching the limits of geometric scaling, further improvements will only come from materials enhancement technologies such as ABS,” said Paul Clifton, vice president of semiconductor technologies at Acorn.

Acorn Technologies has been in operation since 1998 and delivers IP cores, algorithms, processes, and products that address mobile computing, wireless, and IoT semiconductor devices.

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