Adapter power controller claims lowest standby power capability

Adapter power controller claims lowest standby power capability

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In addition to the lower power capability, the UCC28710 primary-side, regulated flyback controller helps designers create smaller cube adapters and AC-powered equipment.

The innovative controller maintains an industry-best 78-percent average power efficiency at 5 watts, which allows adapters to meet the European Commission’s 5-Star no-load power consumption rating of <30 mW. The UCC28710 also leverages TI’s new 0.25 µm, 700-V analog process technology, called LBC7HV, to integrate the start-up switch – saving an additional 8 mW to 10 mW of standby power.

The UCC28710 achieves <10-mW standby power consumption and provides high-voltage start-up capability.  The device also eliminates the need for an optocoupler and TL431 feedback circuit; supports widest input voltage range with VDD, resulting in smaller bias capacitors; supports smaller transformers because of its high-frequency operation; and reduces overall design size and complexity without the need for additional external circuits.

 The family of UCC287xx controllers includes the UCC28700, UCC28701 and other products to help customers simplify and speed their adapter designs. A new UCC28710 controller-based 10-W AC Eco-charger for tablets and smartphones design adds to TI’s growing PowerLab reference design library for AC adapters, universal USB charging cubes and car chargers.

Availability and Pricing

The UCC28710 flyback controller is available in a 7-pin, SOIC package and is priced at $0.42 in quantities of 1,000. The 5-W UCC28711EVM evaluation module is available for ordering through TI’s eStore. The module converts a 90-V to 265-V RMS input voltage down to 5 V DC, with a 1-A current limit for USB adapter applications.

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