ADIS1647x mini industrial IMUs available from Mouser

ADIS1647x mini industrial IMUs available from Mouser

By eeNews Europe

The ADIS1647x IMUs deliver improvements to navigation and safety, and deliver six-degree-of-freedom sensing using triple-axis MEMS-based gyroscopes and accelerometers. The accelerometers feature ultra-low noise, ultra-low drift and vibration rejection. Vibration rejection allows devices to perform accurate measurements when disturbed by wind, vibration, temperature or turbulence. The IMUs come in an 11 mm × 15 mm × 11 mm package and are tested and factory calibrated for bias, alignment, sensitivity and linear acceleration. The ADIS16470 variant offers a gyroscope dynamic range of ±2000 degrees per second (dps), and the ADIS16475 and ADIS16477 variants are available in dynamic ranges of ±125, ±500, or ±2000 dps.

The ADIS1647x IMUs are supported by evaluation tools such as the EVAL-ADIS2Z evaluation board and ADIS1647x/PCBZ breakout boards. Designers can plug a breakout board into the 16-pin connector on the evaluation board to develop a prototype using the corresponding IMU.

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