AEC-Q100, fully-compliant NAND flash memory from Macronix

AEC-Q100, fully-compliant NAND flash memory from Macronix

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By Graham Prophet


The NAND flash memory product is AEC-Q100 Grade 2/3 compliant; Macronix says it therefore becomes the first AEC-Q100 full compliant NAND flash product supplier for automotive applications.


Macronix’s NAND flash adopts its own 36 nm semiconductor manufacturing technology that overcomes the short life cycle deficiency of NAND flash, which typically occurs with shrinking semiconductor technology nodes, or technology with multiple bits stored in each cell. Testing results indicate that the more bits stored within a single memory cell, the lower the number of P/E Cycles (program/erase cycles), in addition to decreasing the product’s reliability. Nevertheless, with patented manufacturing technologies and reliable circuit design IP (Intellectual property), Macronix’s series of NAND Flash memory are very efficient. The single bit per cell floating gate technology used is not only fast but also reliable, which meets the requirements of high memory capacity, fast transmission rates as well as the highest reliability for automotive use. In general, Macronix’s NAND flash memory is capable of storing data for at least 10 years or 100,000 programming cycles, surpassing current JEDEC standards.


Macronix NAND Flash family is offered in 1Gb to 8Gb densities, supporting both SPI and Parallel interface, with operation temperature range from -40°C to +105°C, with significantly improved reliability as compared to the conventional +85°C chip specification currently available. Due to the stringent limitations of NAND flash memory’s temperature compensation and work voltage, the extended operation temperature range of Macronix’s Automotive NAND flash memory provides extra flexibility data retention and full function operation capabilities, giving it an advantage in fanless applications, which is becoming increasingly common in space constrained Automotive applications.


To satisfy various power consumption requirements, Macronix’s NAND Flash is offered in both 1.8V and 3V power supply solutions. Macronix also offers 4-bit ECC and ECC-free solutions to satisfy different specifications and functional requirements.






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