Affordable power supply for indoor LED lighting

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These new models mainly target at lower wattage applications such as indoor LED lighting, decorative lighting which have space limitation for the power supply. With non-PFC design and save part of the glue cost, AP series have price competitiveness to fulfill all kinds of economical applications. Meanwhile, to comply with various system designs, they have two modes for choice: APV series with constant voltage design (C.V. mode) and APC series with constant current design (C.C. mode). 

With up-to date high frequency switching topology, these four new series features with 90~264VAC input range and possess up to 84% of high efficiency, so that they can work between -30~+70 ℃by only free air convection. APV/C-12 (12W) are not potted while APV/C-16 (16W) are semi-potted for PCB protection to provide the basic ability of anti-moisture, anti-dust as well as heat-conduction purpose. They are very suitable for indoor LED lighting applications without the need of high level waterproof and dustproof requirements. Built-in standard features include short circuit, overload, over voltage protections, and wire-style input/output (18AWGx2C (15cm) / 20AWGx2C (15cm)) for flexible installation. Typical application examples include LED indoor lighting, LED-based decorative lighting, and LED electric displays. 

Key features include 90-264VAC universal AC input, constant voltage design (C.V. mode) for APV series and constant current design (C.C. mode) for APC series, a high efficiency of 84 %, and cooling by free air convection.

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