Agilent and UC Davis form millimeter research center

Agilent and UC Davis form millimeter research center

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Agilent Technologies and the University of California, Davis, will establish the Davis Millimeter Wave Research Center to focus on millimeter wave and THz systems.
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The technologies are to be used in radar, imaging systems, sensors, communications and integrated passive devices found in electromagnetic metamaterials and antennae.

The vertically integrated DMRC research will involve devices, integrated circuits, packaging, metamaterials and defected ground integrated passives, imaging systems, THz vacuum electronics, THz micro-machined devices, nonlinear modeling, nanomaterials and wireless implantable devices.

These devices and systems are found in commercial products such as medical imaging systems, security scanners, gigabit wireless communications devices and sensors, as well as defense usages such as radar and active denial systems.

A center will serve as a core test facility for measurement capabilities provided, among others, Agilent nonlinear vector network and spectrum analysis test equipment up to 325 GHz. These facilities will support gigabit wireless communications at 60 GHz and 80 GHz, as well as the imaging, radar and active denial systems to 325 GHz.

“In launching the DMRC, our goal is to become a premier millimeter-wave research center nationally and internationally,” said Linda P.B. Katehi, chancellor of UC Davis, in a statement.

UC Davis is a 100-year learning center that has an annual research budget exceeding $678 million.

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