The company says that it will be introducing the first AI-enabled microcomputer embeddable compact 5G network core to enable full 5G capabilities for fixed, portable, or flyable applications. The company’s virtualized edge-centric 5G core (5GC) technology combines network functions virtualization (NFV) and artificial intelligence (AI) into a very compact platform slightly larger than a credit card.

“VNC’s proprietary AI-enabled, virtualized edge-centric 5G core technology significantly advances our ability to provide a highly-efficient core to support 5G wireless services in nearly any conceivable format,” says Mohan Tammisetti, senior vice president, Engineering & Technology, at Virtual NetCom. “With this 5GC technology, we have revolutionized modern network design, uniquely enhancing many of the key benefits of 5G, such as low latency, high bandwidth, and network slicing, by pushing core processing and network intelligence to the edge, all at a fraction of the cost of existing hardware solutions.”

The 5GC’s small form factor, says the company, allows it be embedded into fixed or portable/mobile solutions, providing superior performance for mission critical applications such as industrial IoT, autonomous everything (vehicles, drones, etc.), and secure private networks for enterprise, healthcare, public safety, government, and defense applications. Furthermore, unlike typical 5G remote cores that are rack-based, power intensive, heavy, and require indoor installation, the 5GC technology enables this functionality to be located at the very edge of the network closest to the user, which greatly increases network reliability and availability while reducing latency, backhaul requirements, and cost.

Dr. Dustin McIntire, Chief Technology Officer of COMSovereign Holding Corp. adds, “COMSovereign is dedicated to the development of key enabling technologies required to power the next generation of mobile networks through innovations in hardware design, software, and spectral efficiency. The introduction of 5GC is the first in a series of groundbreaking ‘made in the USA’ technologies we are bringing to market over the next 18 months that we believe will redefine the future of wireless networks around the world.”

Low-rate initial production should yield limited volumes of 5GC product to market in mid-September, says the company, with general availability and volume production for the VNC 5GC technology expected to begin in the fourth quarter at a price point expected to be “a fraction of the cost of a typical 5G network core.”

Virtual NetCom

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