AI inference processor architecture targets edge devices

AI inference processor architecture targets edge devices

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NeuPro-S, along with CDNN-Invite API is aimed at any vision-based device with the need for edge AI processing, including autonomous cars, smartphones, surveillance cameras, consumer cameras and the emerging use cases in AR/VR headsets, robots and industrial applications.

Designed to optimally process neural networks for segmentation, detection and classification of objects within videos and images in edge devices, NeuPro-S includes system-aware enhancements such as multi-level memory systems to reduce costly transfers with external SDRAM, multiple weight compression options, and heterogeneous scalability that enables various combinations of CEVA-XM6 vision DSPs, NeuPro-S cores and custom AI engines in a single, unified architecture. This enables NeuPro-S to achieve on average, 50% higher performance, 40% lower memory bandwidth and 30% lower power consumption than the company’s first-generation AI processor.

The NeuPro-S family includes NPS1000, NPS2000 and NPS4000, pre-configured processors with 1000, 2000 and 4000 8-bit MACs respectively per cycle. The NPS4000 offers the highest CNN performance per core with up to 12.5 Tera Operations Per Second (TOPS) at 1.5GHz and is fully scalable to reach up to 100 TOPS.

The CDNN-Invite API allows the seamless incorporation of customer’s designed neural network engines into CEVA’s award-winning Deep Neural Network (CDNN) framework. CDNN will then holistically optimize and enhance networks and layers to take advantage of the performance excellence of each of the CEVA-XM6 vision DSP, NeuPro-S and custom neural network processors.

The fully programmable CEVA-XM6 vision DSP incorporated in the NeuPro-S architecture facilitates simultaneous processing of imaging, computer vision and general DSP workloads in addition to AI runtime processing. This also allows customers and algorithm developers to take advantage of CEVA’s extensive imaging and vision software and libraries, including the CEVA-SLAM software development kit for 3D mapping, CEVA-CV and CEVA-VX software libraries for computer vision development, and its recently acquired wide-angle imaging software suite including dewarp, video stitching and Data-in-Picture sensor fusion technology.


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