AI racing agent ups its game in latest demonstration

AI racing agent ups its game in latest demonstration

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By Rich Pell

Sony AI, the AI and robotics subsidiary of multinational conglomerate Sony, has showcased the newest evolution of its breakthrough superhuman autonomous AI racing agent, which has mastered the highly realistic driving simulator game of Gran Turismo Sport. The demonstration of Gran Turismo Sophy took place at the Gran Turismo World Finals 2022 (GTWS 2022) organized by Polyphony Digital Inc. (PDI), which took place November 24-27 in Monaco.  

The event featured an exhibition showdown between four of the world’s top Gran Turismo (GT) drivers and GT Sophy. Valerio Gallo, Igor Fraga, Emily Jones, and Takuma Miyazono went head-to-head with GT Sophy in Gran Turismo 7 on PlayStation 5 in an exhibition race.

Since GT Sophy’s unveiling in February, Sony AI, in partnership with PDI and Sony Interactive Entertainment, has continued to evolve GT Sophy’s capabilities and explore ways to make it more accessible to the greater Gran Turismo driver community via software update to GT7. Part of that challenge, says the company, has been training GT Sophy to more closely mimic human racing behavior, including driving technique, drifting, steering control, penalty avoidance and more, to create the most dynamic and fun experience possible for all Gran Turismo players. 

In support of that goal, PDI and Sony AI have continued to test GT Sophy’s capabilities against a wide range of race experts and Gran Turismo players – from traditional and esports racers to Gran Turismo novices – to continue to refine its capabilities. 

“Since achieving our first goal of outracing the best Gran Turismo players, our newest challenge has been training Gran Turismo Sophy to drive competitively with a broader range of players, by continually testing and refining the agent’s driving and racing etiquette skills,” says Michael Spranger, Chief Operating Officer, Sony AI. “As we continue to improve GT Sophy’s capabilities, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to race it against some of the best drivers in the world, and make GT Sophy available to the wider GT7 community.” 

GT Sophy is the first superhuman AI agent to outrace the world’s best drivers of the Gran Turismo World Series, says the company. It was featured in the February 10th, 2022 issue of Nature, demonstrating how AI can deliver new gaming experiences to players.

For more, see “Outracing champion Gran Turismo drivers with deep reinforcement learning.”

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