AI startup says it can save ‘billions of dollars’ on drug development

AI startup says it can save ‘billions of dollars’ on drug development

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By Peter Clarke

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Fabless AI processor company Ceremorphic Inc. (San Jose, Calif.) has announced a life sciences division with a business model based on analog and AI semiconductor technology.

Ceremorphic, founded in April 2020 by Venkat Mattela, former CEO of Redpine Signals, claims the use of analog and AI processing technology can deliver billions of dollars in savings to the pharmaceutical Industry, while shortening time to market for life-saving drugs.

The Ceremorphic Life Sciences division will have access to novel algorithms as well as hardware and AI technology that can be added to conventional expertise in biology and chemistry, the company said.

“One new drug today typically requires over 10 years to develop, which can easily cost a pharma company more than $2 billion to bring to market,” said Venkat Mattela, founder and CEO of Ceremorphic, in a statement. “In addition to the cost, the drug development throughput and the balance of safety and efficacy is sub-optimal. This is going to change with Ceremorphic Life Sciences new design methodology because we have developed a new platform that can speed every single phase of discovery and development and selectivity at every stage. This type of platform has been long considered the holy grail of drug development and we are making it a reality that can transform the entire pharmaceutical industry for the benefit of all of society.”

William Haseltine, former Professor at Harvard Medical School and founder, chairman and CEO of Human Genome Sciences (HGS) commented in the same statement: “Current In Silico methods using the wet labs have limitations on scalability to produce enough data to use AI effectively. Ceremorphic’s hybrid approach utilizing analog circuit technology is unique. This approach not only accelerates computation speed, but also empowers AI to be highly effective throughout the entire development process.”

Discovery platform

The drug development platform is dubbed BioCompDiscoverX. BioCompDiscoverX makes use of analog and AI technology to model drugs rapidly and make use of previous training at low cost and thereby minimizes more expensive wet-lab usage.

The company said it plans to collaborate with partners who will make use of the platform and then be responsible for manufacturing novel drug offerings.

Ceremorphic Life Sciences Division is headquartered in San Jose, CA and makes use engineering resources in Hyderabad, India.

Ceremorphic develops chips and processors manufactured by TSMC in its 5nm and 3nm manufacturing process technologies.

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