Aluminium miniature cases fit for Euroboards

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The company is now offering two new extruded section types in addition to the existing miniature aluminium cases for 100 mm wide PCBs. The newly developed, lower half-shell sections with integrated mounting tabs give the user the ability to use the miniature aluminium cases for wall and ceiling mounting or in an environment with vibration disturbances. For applications where the cooling of electronic components and electronic assemblies is particularly complicated due to a high packaging density, section types that also provide the integrated, external cooling fins are offered.
The standard AKG miniature aluminium cases for Euroboards come in sixteen different versions, six lengths (in 100, 120, 160, 200, 220, 234 mm), and in two different finishes (clear and black anodised). Case sections and the cover panels can be machined, finished, and printed to meet customer requirements.

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