Amazon Alexa voice-recognition reference platform from NXP

Amazon Alexa voice-recognition reference platform from NXP

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By Rich Pell

The reference platform integrates the far-field voice recognition technology and Alexa Voice Service, a cloud-based service. AVS can provide smart home control, streaming music content, news, timers, and more, and can be added to an internet-connected device that has a microphone and speaker.

The reference board is based on an i.MX processor and contains Amazon’s seven-microphone array for far-field audio processing and an AVS client. The applications processor portfolio features the i.MX 6 series for general purpose applications, i.MX 7 series for low power applications, and the i.MX 8 series to enable high-performance multimedia and audio experiences.

The reference board includes audio processing and beam forming to enable Amazon Alexa to recognize user’ requests across a room in a noisy environment. One key requirement of the Alexa technology is that it be able to recognize the command to turn down or switch off loud music that may have been previously requested using Alexa.

“Customers love being able to talk to Alexa from across the room with Amazon Echo,” said Priya Abani, director of Alexa for Amazon, in a statement issued by NXP. “We are excited to make it even easier for hardware makers to integrate the convenient hands-free Alexa experience into their products, while providing customers with new devices offering access to Alexa.”

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