AMOLED display revenue to surge 169% Y/Y in 2011 from smart phone adoption according to NPD DisplaySearch

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As it competes with TFT LCDs, AMOLED penetration into the small/medium (9”and smaller) display market has been increasing. In 2010, AMOLEDs had a 6% share of small/medium active matrix flat panel displays (TFT LCD and AMOLED), and is expected to double its share to 12% in 2011. The growth of AMOLED in the small/medium segment is dominated by smart phones. Revenues for the smart phone segment more than doubled in 2011, with increasing shipments and higher ASPs due to larger screen sizes and increased display performance.

Annual small/medium AMOLED revenue by application. Source: NPD DisplaySearch Quarterly Small/Medium Shipment and Forecast Report

The success of AMOLED can particularly be seen in larger smart phone displays. In the first three quarters of 2011, shipments of AMOLED displays 3.5” and larger for smart phones reached 59.7 million units, up three-fold from the same period in 2010. “Samsung Mobile Displays has been a key driver of the growth of AMOLEDs, with the company accounting for 97.5% of all AMOLED shipments,” notes Hiroshi Hayase, NPD DisplaySearch’s Vice President of Small/Medium Display Research. “Looking to capitalize on the growing market demand, LG Display, AUO, and CMI also are planning to ship AMOLEDs for smart phones in 2012.”

Samsung’s Galaxy line of smart phones has been the leading adopter of AMOLED displays with high contrast and motion picture response time, while Apple’s iPhone uses a high resolution TFT LCD with IPS technology. The competition between the iPhone and Galaxy has brought increased attention to the AMOLED displays, currently produced only by Samsung Mobile Display. With the successful mass-production of AMOLEDs and a new Gen 5.5 fab running, Samsung Mobile Display is producing larger AMOLED displays for applications such as Samsung’s Galaxy Note and Tab tablet PCs, as well as supplying outside customers. AMOLEDs are also penetrating new market segments such as Sony’s PS-Vita portable game, which features a 5” AMOLED; LG Display is shipping AMOLEDs to LG Electronics for external mobile phone displays. In addition, LG Electronics announced plans to produce a 55” AMOLED TV in 2012.

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