Analog building blocks support AC LED lighting applications

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The high-performance power management solutions in 0.18 and 0.35 micrometer technologies are being spotlighted this week at the Applied Power Electronics (APEC) 2014 Conference and Exposition in Fort Worth, Texas.

X-FAB’s solutions include the company’s ultra-high-voltage CMOS process and a new analog cell library available in its XU035 process that helps engineers design monolithic AC/DC converters.

X-FAB believes it is the first foundry to offer such a comprehensive targeted analog library, with 13 new IP blocks including a 5 V linear regulator and voltage reference. Schematic, layout and simulation are available for these IP blocks; silicon proof is expected mid-2014.

The library is based on X-FAB’s cost-optimized XU035 technology – a 0.35 micrometer modular 700 V ultra-high-voltage non-epi CMOS process with single 5 V gate oxide; it is engineered for applications requiring an integrated power and start-up device solution. The XU035 process offers low specific On-resistance 700 V power devices and the lowest mask count in the foundry industry, enabling the most cost-effective solutions for consumer applications. This technology is ideal for energy conservation applications such as AC LED lighting, chargers with no-load power consumption and other power conversion and control applications.

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